Why Leadup?

Leadup is the best way to manage your team in Slack.

It's designed to accommodate and integrate into your existing workflow. It's built to make your job as a manager easier.

You probably already have an existing management work flow. You might use Google Docs, a notes app like Evernote, or even a good old-fashioned notebook to keep track of important items for your team.

However, each of these tools have their own pitfalls. If you're looking for a better way, try Leadup today.

Leadup is built for managers

Leadup fits the way you already work. It's not like the bloated performance management software you may have been forced to use in the past. It's lightweight, simple, and easy to use. with exactly what you need to do your job and nothing more.

Leadup organizes everything into one place. Its got smart features like repeating agenda items that make it so you don't have to track follow ups in your head. Leadup saves you time so you can get more done.

Leadup is always available

Do you like to use Google Docs from your phone? Neither do we.


Need to write something down but forgot your notebook at your desk? Tough luck.

Let's be real. You're connected to Slack all day anyway. Leadup is built into Slack so it's always with you. You don't need to download another app onto your phone.

Leadup has got your back

Even if you always remember to write things down, what if you forget to check your notes before a 1:1? Or maybe you're coming from a busy meeting and didn't have time? As a manager, dropping the ball on a something can have serious consequences.

Leadup's got you covered. It sends you intelligent briefings before each 1:1 so you never miss a thing.

Leadup is the right tool for the job. Ready to get started?






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