As time goes on, science is also advancing very fast. In the past, people used to rely on large copies to write a khata in their shops, due to which it took a lot of time to write a khata and it was not safe. Many apps have now been launched for mobile phones that can save years of record keeping. All you need to do is install such apps on your mobile phone and then anyone we write in the app will automatically upload to the internet. By doing this, if the mobile phone is lost, the shopkeeper can easily retrieve the same data on the new mobile phone. Udhar Khata App is a very popular app that millions of people are using today. Here we will tell you its benefits and review it.

Udhar Khata is a digital khata app that is used to manage staff salaries, customers and loan calculations. One of the great benefits of this app is that you can easily do any kind of calculation in minutes. All you have to do is enter the name and price of the loan. This app automatically shows the date and time of borrowing and the total amount of all items. You do not need to add the value of each atom to the calculator.

Udhar Khata App Reviews

The app now has the option of easy loading which any shopkeeper can easily keep an easy load of any network and earn a good commission from it. Udhar Khata was originally created to record credit accounts only, but after a year many more options were added. Now you can control your daily expenses with the Udhar Khata app. You can calculate how much you got paid and where it was used on this mobile app.

In Udhar Khata App you can set up your business. Suppose you have a vegetable shop, then at what rate do you have to give vegetables and at which rate the buyer is taking them from you, all this is available in this app.


EasyloadFree InvoiceSalary Option
Business Add100% FreeAuto Calculation
SMS ReminderCash BookReceive Payment
Stack Items ManageBill BookStaff Book

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There is also the option to pay in this app. It happens in many places that people working in an office or factory sometimes do not get paid. When they ask for a salary, their boss silences them by telling them when they got paid.

With the help of this app, both the boss and the employee can write in their account which month they were paid. In my opinion, this app is being used everywhere, whether it is at the home, office, or in a restaurant.

Invoice System:

With the help of the Invoice system, we can make our business better and faster. With the help of this app, we can make invoices for our customers which will be uploaded by Udhar Khata App. All you have to do is install this app and add your business to it.

Now you have to add your customer’s name and mobile number so that everything is clear in the Invoice. By adding the item name and its price, you can create a complete invoice with tax and WhatsApp it to your customer. This invoice is uploaded to the server of this app which you can easily see anytime in the future.


Easy load is a very necessary thing. Mobile phone recharge at grocery stores or drink corners is in high demand everywhere. In the past, vendors had to go to every company to have an easy load and they had to pay a security fee and get an easy load SIM. Because it is not possible to make such a good profit from the easy load, the shopkeepers did not want to go into this difficulty.

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Now in this age of growth, EasyLoad is being provided by many companies and at the same time, it gives us up to 2% profit. Recently, a company called Oneload became very popular. This company made millions of its customers. But for that, you need to register your shop which is not required in this app.

All you have to do is link your EasyPaisa or any other bank account and after that, you can get an easy load of any network. The company gives you a profit if you sell more mobile recharge of the Udhar Khata app.

Earn by Inviting:

If you want to make some money with this app, you can invite people who are not yet using it. The Udhar app is paying Rs 20 to Rs 200 to each of its existing users for bringing in a new user. It’s easy to invite people to the Udhar app, so log in to your app and click on more. Here you will have the option to invite. Click on it and invite your friends by entering their mobile numbers.

A notification will be sent to you as soon as your friend accepts your invited request and installs the app. But you have not yet received the money to invite. You will not receive anything for this unless your friend or relative whom you have invited submits the first account. Upon making the first entry into the account you will receive instant money which will be credited to your Udhar app account. With this app, you can easily withdraw this amount from your bank account, EasyPaisa app or JazzCash.


This app is very easy to see and understand. With the help of this app, you can easily do every calculation of your life. This app is very special for shopkeepers and they can do their calculations in minutes. If any of your customers are not paying you on time, you can also send them help notifications from this app. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you need to know more and want to ask any questions, you can let us know in the comments.

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