Tissue Paper Box Factory, Manufacturing Plant Cost & Ideas

The idea of ​​our project today is based on the production of paper napkins of different sizes and qualities. These products are highly popular in the market and are in great demand by individuals, restaurants and shops in addition to various companies and centers. The production of good quality products at competitive prices in order to be able to compete with other producers and acquire a percentage of the market.

For the purpose of establishing a tissue paper factory, you need to study its feasibility of a tissue factory. This study satisfies the conditions and elements of production.

Preparatory study for the Tissue Paper industry project:

Before purchasing machinery and equipment, a prior study must be conducted to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the volume of demand in the target markets? The expected sales volume in the local market and the export opportunities for neighbouring markets determine the production capacity of the tissue paper production machines.
  2. What are the required product specifications? Dimensions, decorative improvements, perfuming or desired colour printing, as well as knowledge of prevailing prices and how to fit machines to beat the existing competition?
  3. What are the requirements of the Standards and Metrology Organization in the target market locally or abroad? And the need to achieve them so that the product conforms to the standard specifications.

Choosing the origin of machines for the manufacture of paper napkins:

Taiwanese machines: They are the best machines in the field of tissue paper and sanitary paper industry. As they achieve production efficiency in terms of product quantity and quality at rates close to European machines and machines, low wastage rates and ensure workflow without interruptions or malfunctions.

Chinese machines: It is the economic choice that novice factories resort to in order to save on the value of the machines. The Chinese machine must be purchased very carefully. Some Chinese machines are cheap, but they cause the entire project to fail. Chinese machines can be secured with good specifications, but their performance in quantity and quality remains lower than the Taiwanese machine.

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Tissue paper making machine and required machine selection:

In light of the above and taking into account the budget allocated to the project. The required specifications of the machine are determined in terms of:

  • The origin of the machine (Taiwanese or Chinese).
  • Required capacity (measured in tons per day).
  • Dimensions of the required product (length, width, thickness, number of layers)
  • Accessory devices that additional improvements to the product such as decoration, perfume, and printing.
  • Some technical specifications for technical matters in the machine.
  • Machine installation and after-sales service requests such as on-site technician training, maintenance, technical support and spare parts insurance.

Why should you start making tissue paper

This business is very profitable due to the high demand for tissue paper. It is not only used in homes, restaurants and hotels but is used almost everywhere where there are health and hygiene conscious people.

When starting this investment idea correctly, be sure that you got the idea of ​​a profitable project. As long as you have a well-thought-out business plan, a suitable workplace, skilled workers, and most importantly, access to raw materials.

The idea of ​​toilet paper or another kind of business does not need a genius manager to run it. If you have the right skills, personality and attitude, your project can be one of the most successful manufacturing companies around the world.

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Just first you need to ask an experienced businessman how to set up a tissue paper factory. If you apply it correctly, you will succeed.

Project location and Space:

The project needs an area of ​​about 200 square meters, and if it increases or decreases a little. There is no problem with that. As for the location of the project, we will not specify a specific place. But some services must be available in the place of your choice. It is necessary that electricity, water and natural ventilation be available as they should. The roads leading to the project site are paved to facilitate the transportation of products to customers and facilitate the receipt of the incoming materials that you need for work.

Raw materials for tissue paper and sanitary paper for raw materials and raw materials:

It comes from the factory in the form of rolls with a diameter of about 100-120 cm. As for its width, you are free to choose, and this determines what corresponds to your machine and the product you intend to produce. The most important specification of paper is the gram (meaning the weight of a square meter of tissue paper) and the concept of grammar is close to the concept of paper thickness.

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Types of Tissue Paper for Making Tissue Paper:

Before starting your business, choose the type of product you want to produce. If you have a large business, you can include two or more types of products in your manufacturing list. There are different types of papers available in the market.

The tissue paper market is categorized into five types based on usage and according to the needs of the target market:

  • Toilet paper
  • Car tissue paper boxes
  • Wet wipes
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper towels
  • Special wipes and rolls
  • Facial wipes
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Pocket wipes
  • Scented napkins
  • Kitchen and toilet rolls

Specifications of machines for making tissue paper:

  • Actual speed: 100 – 120 meters per minute
  • Each line delivers 1,000 tissues per minute, whereas a paper tissue machine with 5 lines delivers 5,000 tissues per minute. By weight, the 5-line tissue paper machine produces about 2500 kg of tissue paper in 8 working hours.
  • Tissue and sanitary paper machines are guaranteed for one year from manufacturing defects, easy to operate and do not require high skills to operate.
  • The number of workers required in the case of manual packing is 8, including the machine driver.
  • The tissue machine requires 70 A electricity

Automatic Tissue Paper Machines:

Automatic packing lines are usually installed on a large machine with 7 lines, for example, or on two machines together, each of which has 4 lines. It is worth mentioning here that the acquisition of automatic filling machines means the purchase of all of the following:

  • Automatic Log Saw.
  • Cutting Machine
  • Adjusting Machine
  • A Nylon Bag Wrapping Machine whose speed is determined according to the number of pieces produced, and the available machines pack 40-120 pieces per minute.
  • Conveyor belt connecting the tissue production machine with the previous parts (the length varies according to your factory plan)

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For your information, in this type of machine, you can choose automatic packing for cartons only, for nylon bags only, or for both. The advantage here is:

  1. Reducing the cost due to eliminating the cost of a large number of manual packaging labour, as well as reducing the waste of materials.
  2. Increased productivity as production machines run at top speed.
  3. Automatic packaging ensures that a product of high quality and elegant shape becomes easier to market and generates a higher profit.

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Marketing of tissue paper products:

Your product can be sold in a variety of different places, including markets, supermarkets, restaurants, websites, and even hotels. You can also take advantage of social media platforms and traditional advertising strategies to boost your brand awareness and create a popular identity. Here are some ways that will help you in the success of your marketing plan:

  • Advertising: By designing internal ads or using advertising companies.
  • Promotional competitions: Attracting the public’s attention to the company’s products through these competitions.
  • Public Relations: You can use your public relations to reach the largest segment of customers.
  • Marketing samples: They are free samples aimed at encouraging customers to purchase basic products.
  • Digital means: the most important of which are e-mail, digital ads, and promotional campaigns on all electronic platforms.

Very important Notes:

Because prices are constantly changing try to buy machinery, raw materials and other supplies from the source that provides you with the best prices without affecting the quality. Workers must be taken care of, motivating them financially and morally, and appreciating their conditions in order to gain their loyalty and obtain from them the best possible productivity.

Attention should be given to the external appearance of the packages, as the design of the package is one of the most important promotional factors, and it greatly affects the purchase rates.

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