Samsung Galaxy Phone Mic Not Working During Call

The problem with mobile phones is that the mic does not work when it is called. This problem occurs in most Samsung mobile phones. If you also have this problem with Samsung mobile phone then you can solve it by reading this post and following the steps in it. You can continue reading Samsung Galaxy Phone Mic Not Working During Call post to solve the issue.

This problem is seen in Samsung A51, A53 and many other such models. When I bought a mobile phone from the market, the problem was that the mic of my mobile did not work when the call was made. If the loudspeaker of the mobile was opened and the call was spoken, the mic would start working properly. This is exactly the problem that is affecting thousands of people.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phones Mic not Working During Call

There are many reasons why a mobile phone mic doesn’t work. If it’s been a few days since you bought your mobile phone, there may be something wrong with its mic. Most mobile phones do not work after falling into the water or becoming dead. Mobile phones that fall into the water but are not dead, their speaker and mic stop working.

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If your mobile phone has not dropped or run out of water, but the mic automatically stops working, then most of the time it is a hardware problem. Here are some of the reasons why the microphone of mobile phones stops working.

  1. Dust Issue
  2. Software Issue
  3. Mute ON
  4. Mic Access Permission
  5. Mic Defective

Dust Issue:

Many mobile phones have two microphones, and if dust or any other dirt gets stuck in the microphone below them, it becomes impossible to hear the sound. So when we open the loudspeaker and talk, the sound starts coming out of the mic above because of the mobile Twisted.

You clean your mobile mic and check for holes in the mic. If the hole is closed with mud, open it with a needle or clean it with a brush. Your problem will be solved. If after following this method your mobile can’t make a sound when making a call, read the second step and follow it.

Software Issue:

It can be a software issue if your mobile phone mic is not working perfectly. You can check this by going to the test mod of Samsung mobile phones. Just dial *#0*# to test the mic. Tap on the microphone that will start testing the mic. If there will be an issue with the mic it will show an error or the sound will not play. If the mic is working fine then you need to reinstall its software. Must ask a mobile phone expert before this decision because your files and data can be lost.

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Get assurance from a good software developer that your mobile phone will work fine after that. Make a backup of all your personal and important data and then install the software. It costs you up to $20 for a new model mobile phone which is an estimated cost.

Mute ON:

The problem with most people is that they turn off the mic when they call. This problem occurs when the mobile phone is attached to the ear while making the call and the screen of the mobile phone is on. This allows mobile phone options to touch our ears or any part of our body and click on the Mute option.

Most people, when faced with this problem, worry that their mobile phone mic has gone bad. So when you make a call, be sure to check the Mute option so that it is not turned on.

Mic Access Permission:

When we buy a new mobile phone or have our mobile phone fully restored, some apps ask for Mic’s permission to call us. People who are illiterate do not know Accept or Reject, which is why they often reject its access.

Doing so will make the mic in your mobile phone not work at all. This is a problem we find on most social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. So go to the settings of your mobile phone and give permission to the apps from which you have to make a call. You can also follow this method to give the mic permission to any call app.

  • Go to the mobile phone settings
  • Open the apps settings
  • Select the App like “Whatsapp” or “Facebook Messanger”
  • Click on permissions and click the “Mic permission”
  • Allow this permission

Mic Defective:

This is an issue that can be detected after every effort. If you have checked the hole of the mic of the mobile phone, have also restored the mobile phone and have tried many other methods but the mic is not working then you may have this problem. To check this issue, try using Handfree on your mobile phone. If the sound from the handsfree is going to be perfect, then the mic of your mobile phone is broken.

You need to change its mic. You can do this by visiting any of your nearest mobile repair shops or by visiting the Samsung franchise. If you open the mobile phone yourself and try to repair it, you may lose or damage your mobile phone. So it would be better to show it to a good mobile repairman.

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