Profitable Fried Potatoes Business Ideas for Starters

We are reviewing with you a very profitable project, which is a factory for the production of semi-fried potatoes. This is in great demand in recent times, with a capacity of 250 kilograms per hour. But what is taken for this project is its high costs, as it requires much-automated equipment to perform the various production stages.

This starts from the washing and cleaning stages to the packaging stage. During this topic, we will try to explain this equipment with an explanation of the function of each machine. In addition to clarifying some other details such as the production stages, the required raw materials, the project site and the best marketing methods. We had launched a very profitable project in the market today, which is the potato chips production line.

What are the advantages of the half-fried potato factory?

  • Attention to the quality of products and raw materials.
  • Monitoring the quality of products and operating requirements.
  • Availability of manpower and experts.
  • The workforce is characterized by vitality and activity.
  • The presence of a number of qualified technicians and production supervisors.
  • The production supervisors are concerned about the quality of the packaged products.
  • Food sorting before packing.
  • Paying attention to the general cleanliness of the factory and the packing area.
  • Reliance on marketing the product at competitive prices.
  • Existence of a distribution network of qualified and experienced people.

What is the half-fried potato manufacturing project?

Setting up a factory for making half-fried potato fingers, filling and packing them and distributing them in restaurants, supermarkets and malls, so that they are ready to fry and eat you can spend some good money. Abundant products with reasonable prices and high quality also help in meeting the market demand of this product and also reduce the import of this product from abroad.

In addition, you contribute to the recovery of the food industry. Which in turn reflects the recovery of the national economy. In addition to that, you contribute to reducing the unemployment problem by providing some job opportunities. Especially with the ease of marketing, ease of implementation and availability of raw materials. In order to implement this project in the right way, you need to know some things.

We will introduce you to the potato factory with a production capacity of 250 kg per hour. The goal is to cover the large demand for this product and achieve profits in the fastest time. Cover production costs and equipment costs in a very short period of approximately 3 years.

Project Location

It is possible to open a factory in one of the industrial cities for which the state provides many services such as the road network and electricity suitable for factories and all the necessary facilities. Ease of licenses and many aids, or it is possible to set up the factory near the potato farms. In order to reduce the cost of transportation and also provide the necessary labour near the places of sale. You must prepare the place well and cover it well to maintain equipment and production.

Manpower Needed in the Project:

As I have already mentioned, with your project, you contribute to reducing the unemployment problem by providing some job opportunities. For example, you need to appoint a factory manager, accountant, labour controller, and workers on the production line.

Always make sure that they all enjoy honesty and good manners. As I make sure to obligate them to the rules of industrial security from wearing masks, gloves and head coverings. Also, make sure that smoking is completely prohibited inside the factory. As well as make sure to give them the necessary salaries and bonuses. Do not be lenient in punishing the negligent with the tiring methods of punishment so as not to harm the workflow.

Target sectors:

  1. Supermarkets and hypermarkets.
  2. Restaurants.
  3. Hotels and furnished apartments.

Project details:

  • Five pieces are the washing and peeling machine, cutting machine, starch separating machine, fryer, and centrifugal drying machine, with the required area from 80 to 100 meters.
  • Machine productivity: (250 kilos per hour).
  • Project cost: starting from 100 thousand dirhams (the smallest production line).
  • Profits: 20 thousand dirhams per month after calculating the production costs of electricity and its workers. Profits were calculated based on the sale of only 10 tons per month, which can be increased according to the effort in marketing.

Tools and devices needed for the project:

After you have obtained the space needed to implement your factory for the production of half-fried potatoes. You need some tools and devices to start the production process. What you need is:

  1. Primary discharge conveyor belt.
  2. Potato washing and cleaning machine.
  3. Peeling machine.
  4. Checking machine.
  5. Carbohydrate absorbing machine
  6. Tonell for drying
  7. Frying device
  8. Vibrator
  9. Stun and cooling machine
  10. Feed conveyor
  11. Weighing machine
  12. Packing machine
  13. Production date printing machine
  14. Lower conveyor belt
  15. Rotating table

Project raw materials:

As for the raw materials that you need to make semi-fried potatoes, they are:

  • Potato
  • Oils
  • Salt
  • Some preservatives
  • Plastic bags for packing
  • Carton boxes for packing

Marketing of Half Fried Potatoes:

  • Marketing is done to supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as to retailers and distributors.
  • New channels can be opened through advertisements in trade magazines and newspapers,
  • It is also possible to participate in local exhibitions,
  • You can also discuss export opportunities to Arab and African countries that do not have factories to offer the same product.

Costs and profits:

The cost of establishing an automatic semi-fried factory may reach 1 million dirhams, and I mean here a large project, not the one we talked about before. But do not worry about the size of the capital, as the financial indicators indicate that the rate of return of the project reaches 30% and you can recover your entire capital within 3 years.

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