• Navin Lal

Introducing Leadup

Have you ever had a 1-on-1 where you needed to bring something up but couldn't remember what it was? Or had a moment where you thought of something you needed to follow up on but couldn't write it down because you left your notebook on your desk?

I know I certainly have. One of the challenges I struggled with as a manager was staying organized with all of my 1-on-1s given the constant deluge of new information. Most people I know try to manage it all by using notebooks, note-taking apps, or trying to keep it all in their heads. I ended up having a bunch of notes stored in a spreadsheet. This worked but it wasn't the most elegant solution to say the least. Editing a spreadsheet was clumsy, not always available when I needed it, and sometimes I'd just forget to check it before heading into a 1-on-1 and go in unprepared.

Today we're excited to introduce a solution to these problems. It's called Leadup and it will streamline the way you manage 1-on-1s. Leadup solves these problems by being embedded in Slack so it's easy to use and always with you on every device. And it syncs to your calendar so it can send you your notes right before your 1-1 so you never miss a thing. We'd love for you to give it a try.






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