• Navin Lal

Big Update

It's been a big week for us here at Leadup! We released a big update with lots of new features and a new design. And we got featured in the Slack App Directory under New & Noteworthy. Woohoo!

Here's some of the cool new stuff we added.

Goal Tracking

Now you can add goals and OKRs for your team and track them over time. You can share them, add comments, and set different status colors. You can also set them to be reviewed during your 1:1s at a custom interval!

Upgrades for Agenda Items

Agenda items got a few big upgrades. Now in addition to sharing them you can set them to repeat at your desired frequency. Have something you want to check on every 2 weeks? Leadup has you covered so you don't have to keep adding it to your agenda. You can also now comment on agenda items to add additional context.

Action Items

You can now assign action items to people after your 1:1s. This makes it easy to leave the meeting with clear tasks for each person. You can also view all of your assigned action items in one place with the brand new me command so you know what you need to get done.

Redesigned UX

To accommodate all these new additions, we've updated the UX to make it easier to navigate. We added a new overview command which lets you see everything about someone in one place. There's also the agenda command in case you have an impromptu meeting and need to see what you're supposed to cover.


We're excited about the progress so far and look forward to continuing to help make your job as a manager easier!






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