Ornamental Fish Farming Projects – How to Start Fish Farming

The Ornamental fish breeding project is one of the most successful and profitable projects. It has many advantages that make it the most successful project that achieves a large percentage of profits. This project is about breeding ornamental fish with beautiful, attractive and distinctive shapes that a large number of people are looking for.

Based on accurate data, it became clear to us that this project is one of the projects that solve the problem of unemployment. Especially for young people, as it provides job opportunities for graduates and craftsmen as well as the elderly and those who have the ability to work and make a profit. The development of such a project is very fast. The project needs to do a full study, and it is possible to use a person with experience in this field or contact us on the project idea blog from here.

What is the Aquarium fish Project and How to Start it?

It aims to supply its products of fish and ornamental plants to hotels, restaurants, shops and exhibitions selling ornamental plants and ornamental fish. The process of fish farming is defined as the process of subjecting aquatic organisms to reproduction and growth or Under controllable conditions to achieve economic goals.

In order for the process to be successful, it must take place in special conditions where environmental conditions are controlled and appropriate food is provided for the fish.

Types of aquarium fish

There are many types of ornamental fish. Some of them give birth, and some lay eggs and the most common species are those that lay eggs. But their hatching requires skill and experience.

  1. Gobi
  2. Sword Teal (Solitaire)
  3. Lord

Study Organizers:

This study should be carried out by experts who have practiced work for a long time and have a good reputation in this field. Usually, not one individual does this work, but an integrated team that includes: an expert in fish, its types, breeding, care and veterinarian.

Project Size:

The erected unit must be of an appropriate size so that it achieves a profitable return at the end of the year on the capital and that the investor puts a percentage of the income for it.


The study must be real and based on measurements. The error rates must be very small, and the credibility of those you deal with in buying and selling.


If all the previous conditions are met with a high degree of success. But without a proper selection of the site, all of this will not help the success of the project.

Study Items:

There are basic studies that must be carried out, such as a survey of the neighbouring fish farms. Market needs, consumer tastes, future expectations of prices, types of fish to be farmed, nutrition and climatic conditions throughout the year.

Ornamental fish Ponds:

In general, there are advantages for both small ponds as well as large ponds.

Features of small ponds:

  • Ease of construction and maintenance
  • Management is easy, especially when treating fish in case of diseases.
  • Ease of feeding
  • Ease and speed of disbursement
  • Fish collecting operations are easy

Among its disadvantages are:

  • Construction costs are low per unit area
  • The aeration of the ponds is high

Features of large tanks:

  • Construction costs are low per unit area
  • The aeration of the ponds is high

Among its Disadvantages Are:

  • It is difficult to manage
  • Difficulty draining the water quickly
  • Collecting fish is Difficult

How to Get Aquarium Fish:

Ornamental fish are purchased from pet shops or from ornamental fish dealers. Small quantities are purchased at reasonable prices at the beginning of the project, and 2 tanks are created. For example, to raise ornamental fish in it.

How to Hatch Ornamental Fish

  • The spawning process requires a basin and a plastic net with a diameter of 2 mm.
  • The net is placed on the tank floor to keep the pregnant fish away from the tank floor.
  • The price of the expectant mother.
  • They usually give birth from 80 to 150 and the young can be sold two months after birth.

Project Success Factors

  • Take care of the fish and take good care of them so that they do not die.
  • Follow the correct methods to preserve the young.
  • Production of many new strains.
  • Selling at wholesale price and lower than competitors’ prices.
  • Making presentations on occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and others.

Marketing Methods for the Ornamental Fish Breeding Project:

The production of young mothers can be marketed to stores specialized in selling fish, birds and others. It can also be marketed to neighbours and friends. If the project grows, you can open your own shop and sell the product through it.

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