How to create oneload retailer account

In Pakistan, when it comes to mobile phone recharge, it is widely used. It is very difficult for retailers to complete mobile phone recharge as it is difficult to buy a SIM card from any company and then keep recharging by paying their security fee. That’s why more and more people are looking for alternatives to the company’s retailers instead of SIM cards.

When a retailer sells a mobile phone recharge of Rs.1000, he gets a profit of only Rs.20 to Rs.30. If the easy load/recharge goes to the wrong number then this profit is also lost. That’s why many people do not like to have an easyload system in their shops. There are some apps and companies that are providing the mobile phone recharge system in all countries including Pakistan. Of those companies, Oneload is a good company in Pakistan that is providing a recharge system in Pakistan by just creating an account at home or shop. You never need to go to the franchise and office of Oneload company to get the mobile phone recharge for retailers.

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Oneload is providing all companies recharge and bill pay system. You can easily create a Oneload account and can sell mobile phone recharge to get a commission. If you are new and do not know how to create an account and what are requirements to get a free retailer account then read this post fully. We will discuss all of it here and after this, you will be able to create a retailer account.

How to Open Oneload Retailer Account for Recharge

You must have your own ID card, selfie, business address and bank account to create an account. If you have all these things, you can easily create your own account. People who do not have a bank account can use an easy money account which can be easily created at home.

  1. Open the Play Store and search for the Oneload app
  2. Install the app and open it
  3. Enter your mobile number that is registered in your name
  4. you will receive a verification code that you have to enter into the app
  5. Enter your CNIC number, Date of birth and place of birth
  6. Upload the CNIC pictures (which should be cleared) and your selfie
  7. Create a password and tap on the register button
  8. Your account will be registered in a few hours or minutes depending on the requests
  9. After account approval, you will be able to use it for recharge or pay bills

When your account will be approved, this will be a normal account that will never pay you commission per recharge sell or bill pay. You will need to call at Oneload help center and request them to open the retailer account.

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They will ask some security questions and will ask about your business. If you are a mobile shopkeeper then give your full shop address and your shop visiting card. After completing some verifications, your account will be approved and you will be able to use your retailer account. Now, when you will sell mobile phone recharge you will receive a 2% to 5% commission.

Many people have issues getting a free Oneload retailer account in Pakistan. This is very easy and you should have a valid CNIC and your own business to get activate a retailer account.

How to Deposit Money into Oneload account

Many people create a retail account but they do not know how to transfer money to this account. That’s why they mostly resort to oneload companies or the internet. Here you can learn how to deposit money in a oneload account. If your account has been successfully created and activated, you can deposit money from the EasyPaisa app by checking your account number.

  • Firstly open the Easypaisa app and login into your account
  • Tap on “More”
  • Open the “Fee collection” tab
  • Search for Oneload company and tap on it
  • It will ask for your account / ID number
  • Enter your registered mobile number and tap on Next
  • Month, Rs.500 will appear on the screen
  • Tap on the process button
  • Bill amount will appear again that you have confirmed by taping on Pay Bill
  • You can deposit from the Easypaisa account only Rs.500 per transaction

Rs.500 will receive in your Oneload account in a while. You can sell mobile phone recharge, can activate the internet, SMS, and call packages of all networks and can pay Bills. Retailers are able to pay the Electronic, Sui Gas and Water bill of their customers and can earn good profit. You can visit to know more and create an online account on the web.

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What is My Oneload Account Number?

Your registered mobile number is your Oneload account number

How much Money Can we Deposit on Oneload?

You can deposit Rs.500 per transaction from the Easypaisa app

Can we Withdraw money from Oneload?

Yes, You can send money to your Easypaisa, Jazz Cash and other bank accounts for withdrawal.

Will I get a commission on a Normal Account?

No, the commission will never grant on normal accounts

Will I need to go to the Oneload office for the retailer account?

No, you can create a free retailer account from anywhere in Pakistan without going to their office and franchise.

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