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HBL Bank has set the goal of providing financial inclusion to all Pakistanis. If you’re a Pakistani citizen and have always dreamed of having a bank account, now is the time to act. HBL Bank will provide a minimum amount of savings for every new account holder and will cover all the initial charges incurred by you during opening an account, including monthly service fee, activation fee, ID card and annual fee.

Requirments to Open a Bank Account in Pakistan

How to open an HBL account in Pakistan is a very important question for all of you. If you are new to Pakistan or have been living here for a long time, you must know that opening a bank account in Pakistan is not that easy. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before opening an HBL account in Pakistan.

Opening an HBL account in Pakistan is easy and simple. You just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you need to have a valid ID proof for opening an HBL account.
  2. You need to have a passport or any other valid travel document with you to open an HBL account.
  3. You need to have a residential address proof in your passport or any other valid travel document with you to open an HBL account.
  4. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older
  5. Pakistani Mobile number required

If you are new and your are a salery person then I will suggest you to open a Free account like Asan Account or Current account. HBL is supporting Asan and Current account if you have a income source. So, If you are doing job then you will need a contract or statement from your job company.

Requirments for Company Account:

To ope a HBL Bank account in Pakistan get a NIC copy, Original NIC, NTN (If you have), Proof of income and if you are a company then you will need company registration document. After completing these all documents, go to the your nearest HBL Bank branch and provide your all documents. They will open your account in few minutes after your verification.

You can send and receive money from your bank account to anywhere in Pakistan. Now, you can receive remmitence into your account by providing your account IBAN and Swift number. If you don’t know your account swift code ask to your bank.

You will get a Check book and ATM / Debit Card at your Bank branch or your provided home or office address. To activate the ATM Card you will need to go to the ATM machine. HBL charge Rs.1200 to Rs.1800 PKR per year of your card fee. If you don’t want to use the Card, you can disable your card by calling their helpline or going to your bank branch.

Can we Open HBL account online?

In Pakistan, there any many people who are looking for this and doesn’t get any solution. If you want to open an Asan account online in HBL Pakistan then you can do this. To do this you have need to dial *2262# from your mobile phone and send command “1” (create an Asan account). Enter your CNIC number and again send. Now, It will ask you to give your CNIC Issuance date which you can see on your CNIC. After entering this it will ask your mother name.

Fill all forms and after some minutes your account will open. In Pakistan, Now anyone can open HBL account easily without any hassle. So, using this USSD code you can open any Bank account in Pakistan. We hope that this article will help you to create a free HBL account in Pakistan.

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