Free virtual debit card in Pakistan

Anytime you want to shop online, you need a free Virtual Debit Card in Pakistan. You have to go through very difficult routes to get this card in Pakistan. In 2022, there are some new companies that are providing virtual cards absolutely free without having to open a bank account.

We will tell you the complete way to get a free virtual card in Pakistan. After which you will be able to easily get any of these cards from your mobile phone and do online shopping.

For all this, you must have your personal Pakistani identity card and without it, you cannot get a free card. Some cards are for temporary use only and some virtual cards are available for 5 to 7 years. Some companies offer free cards that are not registered in our name and we may occasionally face difficulties in using such cards.

It can be risky for us to use cards that are made temporarily. Because they have to put money in before using and we have to pay their fee per purchase. So before you sell any company, you must get the information and check the card given to it, whether it is in your name or not.

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Free Virtual Debit Card in Pakistan 2022

Here I am going to tell you about some of the companies that give cards for free. If you also want to get a free virtual card like Visa Card or MasterCard then read this post in full. Here I will tell you about the 3 companies that provide free virtual cards for which you do not have to pay any fee.

1. Alfa Free Virtual Debit Card

Alfa is a very old company offering free master cards to new and old customers. You must have your personal ID card to get this card. Million people already have created free virtual debit cards by creating an account on the Alfa app. It is very easy to create an account on the Alfa app. Just install the app and tap on create account to make a new account.

Alfa Free Virtual Debit Card

It will ask for your mobile number enter your mobile number that is registered in your own name. In a second step, it will ask for your full name and CNIC number and you have to enter all the correct information there.

After creating a successful account you can log in and create a free virtual debit card by going into the cards menu. Tap on the create a new virtual master card and enter the expiry date. You can use this card in Pakistan for online shopping after depositing the cash into your account. Keep in mind that your Alfa account number will your mobile number that was entered while creating a new account.

How to Deposit Cash in Alfa Account?

You can deposit cash in Alfa account from any bank account like JazzCash, Easypaisa or other Bank Accounts. You have to select Bank Al-Falah from the Bank account list and enter your registered mobile number as a Bank account number to deposit money.

Keep in mind that Alfa virtual debit card is only usabel for Pakistani online store. You cannot buy products and make online shopping on international stores. If you are buying and doing online shopping form international websites then you can continue using Nayapay app or debit card.

Requirments to create a account:

  • Your original Pakistani CNIC and Pics
  • Personal information
  • Valid mobile number

2. NayaPay Free Debit Card

Nayapay is a new and mostly used account in Pakistan. The purpose of launching this account is to provide debit cards only. You can get your personal Visa or MasterCard instantly by creating a new account in it. It is very easy to create an account, for this you have to first install the new app. Secondly you have to create an account by uploading your real CNIC pictures and your salify. It will ask your personal information to create a new account for verifications. After complete these steps your account will be approved and you will receive a free virtual visa card.

Nayapay Free Virtual Debit Card

You can access and can handle your Visa card in the Nayapay app and also lock or unlock your debit card. Nayapay is also offering Silver Visa Card, Matel Visa card and Gold Visa card that are paid but they have premium services. If you are a starter and want to use this card for a small shopping then you can use their basic Visa card which is free of cost.

The users of Nayapay account can order plastic visa card for free. This card can be used for online shopping in Pakistan and international. The best thing is that you can easily send money into Nayapay account from easypaisa, JazzCash, Bank account and Alfa account. Just select the Bank “Nayapay” and enter your registered mobile number as a Bank account number.


  • Your mobile number
  • Pakistani CNIC and Pics
  • Personal Information
  • Selfie

3. Pyypl Free Virtual Debit Card

Pyppl is third network that is offering free debit card to its users in all over the world. You have to install just their app and create a account. This is an free account that gives you a free visa or mastercard after complete verification. This card does not have your name on it and you need another Visa or MasterCard to deposit money in it. You can use this card in a place where you do not have much confidence and you want to use just for last or first time.

Pyypl Free Virtual Debit Card

This is a free app that is also available on Android mobiles and Apple. To use this card you have to pay 3% to 5% tax on each transaction. The company provides you with an instant card, but this card expires very quickly. You can also buy bitcoins etc. with the card. Pyypl have premium Visa cards available that are the best for highest amount shopping.

In starting when you will install this app, this will ask location permission, approve it and tap on continue button. It will ask your mobile number, your CNIC or Passport pictures and one live selfie. This selfie will be taken from the app. After completing all steps you will receive a free virtual debit card and you will be able to withdraw and deposit money in it.

Requirments to get Virtual Card:

  • Mobile number
  • CNIC front and back pictures
  • Slefie


I have personally used these apps and based on my experience I would advise you to use Nayapay app. With this app you can easily shop online from any country. Depositing money in an account is not so difficult as you can transfer money from any bank account in Pakistan. If you liked this post “Free Virtual Debit Card in Pakistan”, don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives.

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