Djuice Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly Plans

Djuice internet packages

Djuice Internet Packages updates are here with new and cheap unlimited internet packages. Djuice is a Telenor SIM card and provides 4G internet services in all of Pakistan. You can use unlimited internet and activate its daily, monthly and weekly packages. Here are more than 30+ internet packages that are given below.

Telenor Daily, weekly and monthly internet bundles are updated all time here and you can continue buying any package after a full comparison. Telenor 4G have multiple tarrif plans like Djuice and Telenor. You can continue using Djuice because of its cheap call and internet packages. Mostly benefit of Djuice SIM is that you can activate a daily 50MB internet package for just Rs.1 PKR. If you are using the internet for only research or for a while then you can continue using this SIM.

Djuice Daily Internet Packages

Djuice is offering a free Snapchat package for 30 days in which customers will get 2000MB of internet. You can activate Djuice free Snapchat package by dialling *915#. In social packages, Telenor is providing weekly, monthly, and daily bundles in which customers can use Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Here are some daily internet packages that you can activate and compare for a good bundle.

PackageRaat Din Offer
PriceRs.18 including Tax
Activation Code*150#
Validity12 Hours (12 AM – 12 PM)

Djuice 3 Days Internet Packages

Djuice is providing 3 days internet packages in which customers can get 1000MB in which they can use 500MB internet 12 AM – 8 AM. Dial *32# to activate 3 days internet package.

Package3 Days Internet Package
PriceRs.44 including Tax
Activation Code*32#
Validity3 Days

Djuice Weekly Internet Packages

In weekly internet offers, there are many packages that are available from Rs.55 PKR to Rs.260 PKR per week. Every package has a different data volume and you can easily get these packages by dialling its subscription codes. Customers can get a 24GB weekly internet package in just Rs.260 recharge and can use it on Djuice and Telenor SIM cards. These packages are also available on the Telenor app and the Easypaisa app.

DataPriceSubscription Code
24GBRs.260Dial *003#
30GBRs.55Dial *19#
12GBRs.235Dial *001#
4000MBRs.60Dial *71#
4000MBRs.120Dial *288#
8GBRs.190Dial *336#

Djuice Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly internet packages are available at all prices from Free to Rs.700 PKR in this list. You can get 12000MB of the internet with free calls on Telenor and other networks for just Rs.350 PKR per month. This is a good offer for those customers who want to get all in one package on Djuice or Telenor SIM. Many people ask questions can they activate Telenor package son Djuice? The answer is Yes.

DataPriceSubscription Code
2GB Pubg+100MBRs. 60Dial *345*57#
2000MB SnapchatFREEDial *915#
12000MBRs.350Dial *345*169#
6000MB (FB, Whatapp & Twitter)Rs.85Dial *660#
2500MB + 100MBRs.52Dial *911#
4GBRs.190Dial *301#
50GBRs.700Dial *303#

Telenor is the best network in Pakistan and other counties. This network is also working in different countries but these packages are only for Pakistan. You can dial *345# or also can use the My Telenor app to activate and deactivate any internet package or call package. Telenor all packages are cheap in Pakistan but its headquarters are not available in Pakistan. The helpline of Telenor 4G Pakistan is 345 and you can also check its remaining internet by dialing *999#.

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