Dell E6410, E6400 Windows 10 Slow Performance Issue Solved

If you have Dell E6410, and E6400 model laptops then you should read these posts in full. Here I will give you a solution and a review of how to speed up Windows 10 on these laptops. Most of these models come with i5 1st generation processors. These are very fast working laptops but their value is getting less and less with time. That is why these laptops are available in the market at cheap prices.

Dell Latitude E6410 or E6400 laptops are made from a very strong type of material. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. One of the major problems with this laptop is that it is Windows 7 supported and it is difficult to install new updates and versions of Windows. If you start installing Windows 10 in it, it will be installed successfully but it will not be able to give the correct order.

Most people use Windows 7 to make this laptop work. It does not slow down the laptop nor does it cause any problem in installing any kind of software. Security updates and support for Windows 7 have recently been discontinued by Microsoft, with everyone shifting to Windows 10. If your laptop slows down after installing Windows 10, you should read this post in full. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your work.

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How to Solve Slow windows 10 Problem in Dell Latitude E6410 or E6400

When you will go to the computer market and buy a new or used laptop then you should take care of checking the processor, RAM and hard drive. I will suggest you use the SSD hard drive and a minimum of 4GB of Ram. This will make your laptop fast and you will be able to use all types of software like Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop and others like this. Here are the features of Dell Latitude E6410 that you can see and check that is your laptop the same as this or not.

Latitude E6410 Laptop Features:

Model E64104GB RAM DDR3Intel Core i5-520M (2×2.4GHz, 2.93GHz)
160GB HDD HardDVD+/-RW DriveIntel HD Graphics
Wireless On/Off switchGigabit Ethernet  (Intel 82577LM)Wireless 802.11n (Intel WiFi 6300AGN)
3 x USB 2.0Stereo speakers6-Cell (11.1V) ~5100mAh Battery
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit4.5 lbsBluetooth 4.0
Features of E6410

In the future, you have seen that this laptop is Windows 7 supported but Windows 10 can be easily installed on it. To do this you need to increase the RAM of your laptop so that it can run Windows properly.

Windows is usually easily installed on this laptop but there are some models that are more annoying due to less memory. I bought this laptop from the market in 2019 and it had Windows 7 installed. I was a little more surprised to see why Windows 10 is not installed in i5 processor laptops. When I asked the shopkeeper, he said that his processor was made for Windows 7. But because I also needed Windows 10, I increased the RAM to 6 GB.

Issues With Windows 7 on Dell E6410 Laptop

I brought this laptop home and I used it on Windows 7 professional 64 Bit 1 month. Its speed was quite good and I only had one more problem with it. The problem was with the laptop’s Wi-Fi drivers, which had to be fixed after installing the new Windows. It didn’t have any personal drivers installed in Windows 7 and I had to manually install them. If you also have Windows 7 installed on this laptop, you must have its Wi-Fi drivers offline. Here are some common issues with Windows 7 installation on this laptop.

  • Its WIFI, Ethernal internet drivers will need to use internet
  • Video Drivers, Audio drivers will need after fresh windows installation
  • You will not able to use Antivirus like Nod32 because Windows 7 support ends
  • Features and security of Windows 7 are now not supported by Microsoft.

How to Install Windows 10 in Dell E6410 Without Slowing

You can install the oldest version of Windows 10 on your PC of 32-bit or 64-bit. If your laptop has a minimum of 4GB RAM then you can continue the installation of Windows 10 64 bit. After successful installation of Windows 10 on this laptop turn off the auto windows update.

If you turn on the Windows 10 auto-update option then it will make slow your laptop. If you do not have much budget, you can increase the amount of RAM in your laptop. Once you’ve done that, install Windows 10 and don’t connect to Windows Update and the Internet at first. You can also increase the Hard drive and RAM to install more software and play games for longer.

Requirements to make Laptop Fast:

  • Insert and use an SSD hard drive in your slow laptop or PC
  • Install Windows 10 in SSD hard if you have two hard drives
  • Install 8GB of RAM

My Reviews After using SSD Hard in E6410

When I used SSD hard drive in this laptop, its speed was 50 times higher than before. Using a normal hard drive, I could use only 2 software on my laptop at most, but after a few days it would slow down. When I used the SSD hard in it and installed Windows 10 in it, I was amazed at its speed. It didn’t take long for the laptop to turn on. It only took 5 seconds for the power on button to be turned on. On my normal hard drive, when I turned it on, it took more than 10 seconds.

I increased its RAM to 8 GB and now its speed was further increased. With both of these functions, Windows updates, high-energy software, and games could be run more easily. If you also have a laptop that has a slow speed, you can increase the speed of the hard drive and RAM by increasing it.

If you buy a 120 GB SSD hard drive you will have to spend around $ 20. In addition, you will have to pay $ 8 to install 2GB of RAM. You can increase the speed of your laptop by spending only 30% which is much better than buying a new laptop.

Graphic Issues in Dell E6410

We’ve seen this problem so much that some people notice a change in the colour of the screen after installing Windows 10 on the E6410 and E6400. This problem usually occurs when you connect your laptop to the Internet after installing the latest Windows. Doing so starts installing video drivers in the laptop in auto mode and we don’t know and we can shut down or restart the laptop.

Graphic Issues in Dell E6410

In addition, we have some offline drivers that do not match with Windows and we still install them in it. Doing so will install the drivers, but you will notice a strange change in its graphics. In this change the colour of the screen becomes light yellow, red or blue then its screen size cannot be fully adjusted.

If you encounter such a problem, you should first restart your laptop and check for changes. If the problem is solved after restart then fine otherwise you can uninstall this driver and restart the laptop. After that 90% of the people’s problem is solved. Now let’s keep Windows updated and wait till end. After a while, your laptop’s graphics will be fine. If this does not solve the problem then you should reinstall Windows 10 and this time let Windows be fully updated.

If you are facing any issues while installing windows 10 on this laptop then you can comment to us and ask about your problem. We have this post will help you to make a good performance of your laptop.

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