Best Mobile Prepaid Network in Pakistan for Travellers


Are you visiting Pakistan and never know which prepaid SIM card is best for the internet or call. We will help you to choose the best SIM card that completes your needs while living in Pakistan. There are currently three major mobile phone networks in Pakistan which are Jazz Telenor and Zong.

These networks have good coverage and good price plans. The third network in Pakistan is Telenor which is a 4G network. Most of the famous and used network in Pakistan is Jazz. We will compare Jazz and Zong internet packages and calling plans. By reading this post fully, you can know which network is the best for Pakistan visitors.

List of Mobile Phone networks in Pakistan / Pakistan

  1. Jazz Pakistan
  2. Zong
  3. Telenor Pakistan
  4. Ufone
Jazz Pakistan69.6 Million (2021)
Zong Pakistan59 Million (2021)
Telenor Pakistan49 Million (2021)
Ufone23 Million

While going to Pakistan you can also use the data roaming service of your current prepaid card and can talk with your friends and family at roaming plans of your country network. But doing so will make calls and internet plans very expensive and the better solution would be to buy a prepaid card from a good company in Pakistan.

Here you can compare all networks of Pakistan and can select the best SIM card for you. Currently, Jazz is the No.1 network because of its good coverage and cheapest calling offer.

1. Jazz:

Unlimited Jazz to Jazz Minutes & SMS + 2000MB 199 PKR7 Days
Free Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter & IMO110 PKR30 Days
200 Off-Net, 10,000 On-Net Minutes, 5 International Minutes & SMS600 PKR30 Days
4GB YouTube & Facebook85 PKR30 Days
10,000 On-Net Minutes, SMS & MB499 PKR30 Days

Jazz is offering a Free prepaid SIM card that is available at all airports in Pakistan. If you are looking for Free Prepaid SIM card in Pakistan then Jazz is offering a Free SIM Card to its new customers. You need only your passport to buy this card from the airport. Jazz free traveller SIM card offer is just for a limited time and it can change any time without any notice. From this offer, all new users can buy a Free SIM card but they have to pay its package price which is just 110 PKR. By getting this card, customers will get 2000Mb of data for 7 days.

2. Zong Pakistan:

10,000 Minutes, SMS & 7 GB30 DaysPKR 499
75GB+100 OFF-NET Minutes30 DaysPKR 1099
10 Off-net Minutes, 5GB, 1000 Zong Minutes7 DaysPKR 239
Unlimited Zong to Zong Minutes30 DaysPKR 110
Free Facebook & Whatsapp30 DaysPKR 70

Zong is the second-largest mobile phone network in Pakistan. This network has prepaid, postpaid and broadband connections in all of Pakistan. All new customers who want to get a free SIM card while travelling in Pakistan can get this prepaid card without any charges. Customers can use this prepaid card like the “pay as you go” service after purchasing it from any airport in Pakistan.

Zong is providing an Online SIM Card booking facility to all customers who are in Pakistan and who are abroad. Just visit and book your SIM online.

Customers can get a free Zong SIM card but they have to pay the package price with a free prepaid card. The new prepaid traveller SIM card costs about 499 PKR in which they will get 30 calling minutes and 5GB of data.

3. Telenor Pakistan:

Telenor to Telenor FREE Calls + Whatsapp200 PKR30 Days
50GB Data (7 AM to 7 PM)200 PKR30 Days
100 Off-net, 1000 On-net & 1000 SMS300 PKR15 Days

Telenor is a 4g mobile phone network in Pakistan that has all types of services like Jazz and Zong networks. This network is also offering free prepaid SIM Card to all new travellers. Customers who are visiting Pakistan and looking for a free SIM card can choose a Telenor SIM card. This network is offering 7 days, 15 days and 30 days packages types for travellers.

The company has monthly, weekly and daily packages which can select the package according to its review for visitors to Pakistan.

Telenor packages start at PKR 50, which is almost normal like other companies. If you want to use more internet then you can select the lowest priced package of this SIM card which costs 150 PKR. You do not have to pay for the SIM card. You can get 50 GB of data and 10 international minutes and SMS for 30 days just by paying the price of this package.


This network is a part of the Etisalat network so, you can easily make free calls from Ufone to Etisalat and DU at low prices. Ufone to Ufone and PTCL calls are very cheap that anyone can afford. Mobile phone users can buy this SIM card from the Ufone franchise and also can get Ufone to Ufone free calling and SMS for a whole month.

Ufone is offering a free SIM card with a free Rs.50 PKR balance. Customers can get this SIM card from any sale point and can use this balance for making calls, talking with friends and family (Ufone to Ufone) and can send free SMS.

Ufone SIM online booking facility is available at Customers can choose their favourite number and can buy SIM cards online. If a SIM booker person belongs to Pakistan then he/she can get this card at their doorstep. Those people who live abroad can easily book this SIM card online and can get this SIM card from the airport. Charges of this SIM card favourite number will start from Rs.200 PKR.

Comparison of Pakistan Prepaid SIM Card with Lowest Prices

We are providing you with this price table with the low price packages for travellers of all validity.

Package Price110 PKR99 PKR290 PKR
Voice Call1000 On-net Minutes3000 On-net Minutes1500 On-net Minutes
Text Messages1000 SMS3000 SMS1500 SMS
International Calls5 MinutesLow Rate 1.15/Mint10 Minutes
International SMS10 SMS
Validity7 Days30 Days15 Days

Jazz and Zong have more packages like this. If you want to buy other packages you can visit Jazz’s official website Telenor tourist SIM card prices start from 50 PKR but Jazz and Zong tourist SIM cards with packages start from 50 PKR( in the only deal). If customers want to activate international calling, Internet and SMS package, they can also choose visitor lines and visitor lines plus packages that cost about 79 PKR to 125 PKR.

Finally, you have to decide which SIM is best for you. We have added the latest price plans, internet, SMS, Voice Call services and international calls offers. You can select any good prepaid card as per your requirement. If you are going to visit Pakistan then we hope that with the help of this post you will select a good prepaid network for yourself.

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