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If you are looking for headphones for yourself then in this post you will find a list of good and cheap new models of headphones. You can select any of these good headphones and buy them online or at any of your nearby electronics shops. So, keep this read and check the given headphones’ features and prices. You can also compare each headphone feature with another headphone.

Best Cheap Headphones for Gaming Reviews and Prices

Some headphones are low priced but their futures are not so special. Here you can select any headphones for the game. These headphones are the latest that can be purchased from any nearest electronic shop.

P47 Wireless Headphone (Foldable), Bluetooth, FM Radio, Memory Card Slot

Price: $4 (PKR-700) (INR-350)

You can easily get these headphones from any market. You can connect these headphones to any device laptop, mobile phone or any other tablet. The price of this headphone is very low and it is one of the best selling headphones on the market. Its price is very low but its futures are very high.

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If you want to listen to the radio, there is also a radio option that can be played without handsfree. It is also a good headphone for listening to the commentary on the radio during exercise in the morning. It also has the option of using a memory card which helps you to listen to music without a mobile phone. Its body is made of hard plastic which can break when it falls down. This is a great headphone if you can protect it properly.


BluetoothFM RadioMemory CardDigital Mic
Low PriceFoldableVolume ButtonsFast Charge
Plastic BodyGood RangeMusic Pause and Play ButtonAdjustable headband
4 Hours Battery on Music28 Hours Battery on StandbyFM Radio Tuning OptionAnswering incoming calls
Refusing the incoming call3.5mm wired connectionEnding callsDialing the last number

B39 Wireless Headphones Colored LED Lights Stereo Headphone, Foldable

Price: $8 (PKR-1400), (INR-800)

This is the second best selling headphone. Its price is very good in terms of futures and anyone can easily buy this headphone. This headphone has 7 types of lights which add a lot to its beauty. These headphones can also be easily folded.

This headphone has all the futures like the previous headphones except FM radio. When you adjust these headphones to your ears, you will feel very comfortable. These headphones do not cause pain in the ears. You can also use a memory card in this headphone which helps you to listen to music without mobile phone. If you use this headphone battery after fully charging, it can last up to 10 hours continuously. It can last up to 20 hours on standby.


10 Hours Battery20 Hours StandbyBluetooth 5.0comfortable
Plugin ModeRed and blue lights2.5 hours Full Charge7 Lights in Headphone
FoldableSubwooferBreathableCard Mode

P15 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Bass Stereo Foldable

Price: $10 (PKR-1500), (INR-850)

The best thing about this headphone is its base. Its sound quality is much better than all other headphones and most people buy it because of its sound quality. If you are looking for wireless headphones just for music or gaming then this is a cheap and good headphone. If you do not have a mobile phone or a memory card, you can listen to it by tuning the radio.

Its body is similar to P47 headphones but it also have FM radio. You can easily buy these headphones from any mobile phone shop or online store. The p15 headphone also has a memory card slot that lets you insert and listen to your favorite songs card. It can be easily folded if it has to go somewhere, which makes it take up very little space.


Volume ButtonsBluetoothMemory CardDigital Mic
Low PriceFoldableMusic Pause and Play ButtonFast Charge
Call Answer Good SoundPlastic BodyFM Radio

You can buy any one of these headphones from the market. I have told you the futures and you have to select the best headphones. I will do my best to deliver a new headphone to you as soon as it is launched at a low price.

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