A Tourism Company Small & Successful Project Idea

There was a strong relationship between tourism and the environment, which obliged each country to develop the environmental culture of its citizens if it wanted to succeed in many areas, including tourism. The project to establish a tourism company is important to make it a national goal. It helps to solve many problems, including creating jobs for young people, introducing hard currency to the country, introducing the country abroad, encouraging many investors to invest their money, and introducing the world to the country’s culture and history.

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The travel and tourism agency project will not be successful unless there are elements of success that should be available in any project. Such as the travel and tourism agency project. The most important plan is to focus on these e-marketing plans and experience in attracting customers. Otherwise, this project will not succeed with you. Talking about the Saudi local market and I say this because most of the successful agencies have a strong presence on the internet and show you their advertisements on Twitter, Google search, specialized sites. The owner of the office, who will rely on the client’s presence, is undoubtedly a loser.

The Aim of the Tourism Company Small & Successful Project:

The tourism company’s project aims to organize and book various flights inside and outside the country. Where the company is located by coordinating with various airlines as well as tourism companies. In order to ensure a certain level of service for customers as well as through this company can also book Hajj and Umrah flights and offer various offers for these flights.

These types of tourism:

Tourism company: it is the company that does all or some of the following work:

  • Organizing group or individual tours inside or outside the country and related to these trips from services (transport – accommodation – subsistence – attractions, etc.)
  • Selling or cashing tickets for travel and aviation
  • Operation of various transport routes (land- air- sea- river)

There are a lot of different types of tourism that a lot of people need across the world. One of the most important types of tourism that the travel and tourism company must create and provide to customers is:

  • Leisure tourism.
  • Therapeutic tourism.
  • Conference tourism.
  • Sports tourism.
  • Religious tourism.
  • Private tour tourism.
  • Hobby tourism.
  • Shopping and shopping tourism.
  • Cultural tourism.
  • Hajj and umrah tourism.
  • Business tourism.

Equipment for a Tourism Company Project:

The company’s headquarters is equipped with simple interiors indicating its activity. A number of small offices are placed in the reception and these offices are for flight booking staff. The offices are equipped with a number of computers and an air conditioner suitable for the company’s space and a large sign on the exterior that shows the name and activity of the company.

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Study Competitors:

Study the number of travel and tourism agencies in the country in the city concerned as well as their field of work and their pros and cons and locations. The level of cooperation between them and other tourism companies and tourism services companies supporting them as well as study the field of cooperation between local and international airlines and travel agents in the city concerned. And study the relationship with tourist carriers, hotels, motels and camps, as well as field studies on the extent of the confidence and orientation of citizens to travel agents.

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Marketing for the Company:

  • Marketing is the key to the success of this project. And great marketing planning depends a lot on planning, identifying prospective customers, how to reach them, and anticipating competition. This is done with a lot of thought, not randomness. Create an electronic site to make advertise and communicate with customers.
  • e-marketing of the company and this is the most important element and also the least expensive and high return.
  • Contracting with private companies in tourism marketing.
  • The selection of employees for e-tourism marketing from experienced people, especially in this field.
  • Of course, attracting customers with good programs and competitive prices.

Procedures for establishing a tourism company

  • Go to the ministry of tourism to apply for the establishment of a company and a tourist office in Egypt and know the procedures the request shall be provided with the names of partners, the address of the office and the quality of the services provided and capital.
  • Payment of a mini amount to the ministry is determined by the category of the company.
  • Pay the required license fees.
  • Notify the security services of the company to complete the required procedures.
  • The office space is suitable and the office is properly equipped.
  • Choose the location of the office to suit the company.
  • Pay the tourism room subscription.
  • Submitting transport bills to the tourism company
  • Send a statement of passengers’ names and nationalities.
  • Report the office’s budget and financial accounts to the ministry of tourism before the end of the fiscal year
  • Displaying tourist publications and guides to the ministry of tourism covering all aspects of insufficient time at home and abroad.

Conditions for establishing a private tourism company for Hajj and Umrah

  • The facility takes the form of a company.
  • Capital is not good according to each country.
  • The company’s contract does not include activities other than tourism activity.
  • The company is based in the country that gives the license to the company.
  • Director-general of the licensing state.
  • Pay financial insurance to the ministry according to the category of the company.
  • The company is in the category to engage in tourism activities for Hajj and Umrah.

Reasons for the Success of the Tourism Company Project

For the success of the project, it is necessary to meet many conditions, including:

  • Choose the location of the office in an area with great popularity, and be famous for its tourism companies and aviation reservations.
  • Prices must be offered first and foremost, and the office offers some offers and discounts.
  • Make some decorations and make the place to attract customers and be a comfortable place for them.
  • Provide some workers and employees and deal with customers in a respectful way.
  • All these conditions work to succeed in the project and attract customers to you.

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